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of course a tune to give ya the whole scenario…listen it’ll make you smile…unless your a moron…Cat right Cat always right.

Okay kiddies where did we leave off in yesterday’s frivolities? Oh yeh, Fox…Cat sees it this way in this review…Heres a fella named Murdoch who damn near lost his life in Austrailia came out swinging, and gently became the fourth network (here in town he bought Johnny Carson’s old network)

…okay…we get that Murdoch, you want to be the new kid on the block.

…A plus to Murdoch’s  television pursuit…pretty creative stories there…same with film…but this review ain’t about that … now enter O’Reilly…come on…so the guy went to Harvard…big skippee…that and fifty cents will get ya a pack of gum these days…and where did Murdoch get this guy? Inside Edition. A television version of the National Enquirer.

So it began in the world of Fox…a format of actual news became a running opinion by O’Reilly and other main stream, i.e. NBC, CBS, etc….so where did our news go? It didn’t…and in that, the reporters at FOX,  O’Reilly among them,  started to believe their own folly…that attitude or line of bull is nothing more than the self important New York Times…where all news sources are between the ears of the empty headed reporters. Course being out of touch with the real world never enters into the actual news story, only what the reporter THINKS. Walter would roll in his grave. 

Cat will tell you a secret…out here in Nevada we have ignored O’Reilly forever because he’s too touchy feelie…like the other formatters at FOX…they give you three sentences of the actual story,  and then talk endlessly  through their panel about how they FEEL ABOUT THE STORY…give Cat a break...THAT AIN’T NEWS.

..no one makes a statement, and then says,  “and oh, the other guys says”..enter O’Reilly here…

.you make a statement, stand on it, then defend it…having said that…you never apologize why? Because great authoritarians think things through, they don’t make it up as they’re going along,  and hope that they’re comments are grounded on reality  (enter Walter here shaking his head)..and  you surely don’t apologize…you want to get your point across, do it…it ain’t brain surgery…thats the reason nobody in this town gives O’Reilly any respect…and we all hate Harry Reid out here…let me correct that…the locals HATE HARRY REID...you poor tourists don’t know the half of the stuff,  we know about that prick, and how he hoodwinked you all in America, but that message is for another time….okay

Poor FOX in that Ailes affairs…a lot of credibility was lost during that …now enter the self important Kelly…where did they get her? Before her leave from FOX ,the mismatch of her so called KARMIC bull, was catching up with her.

A. She was getting fifteen mil from Fox, She wanted Twenty.

B. She was being a nice girl, when she made a play for twenty five mil.

C. Then CNN couldn’t afford her (I think it was that one, anyhow whoever it was, (they didn’t have enough in their piggybanks to justify the bad ratings or offer by the greedy Kelly).

D. Then,  oh what the hell, she accepts the NBC job at …(what a gal), fifteen mil at some time slot nobody is going to watch. Scaring up the NBC Today crew…Lauer (ooooo) he’s having his throne attacked…but deep down wants to appear welcoming … guess his head is shrinking a bit at NBC…

The reality? Kelly puts a book out (bad ratings to boot)…and if everything is in a rating…look at her drop at FOX before she left, and after the debate…CAT rolls on floor rubbing his belly in glee,  on that one…heh, Karma Kelly, Karma…you ain’t no Melania….

So Kelly challenges Trump on a debate,  as being a pig (what was she?… afraid Melania was getting the top female job in Washington while dethroning the ever important (at least in her mind Kelly) …on that last one…you have to be a gal (am,  for the Winston) to understand that last statement…moving on…really Kelly did you deball your hubby on national television,  when you inferred that Trump came on to you? GET OVER YOURSELF. 

The piece de resistance is the press release that says,  “what a good girl you are Kelly (bet your PR guy stayed up all night getting creative on that one)  by not making it about the money but taking the fifteen mil over at NBC,  so you could have more time with your kids…get over it…did you think there was some higher power that made Cat not see through your selfish, no body’s watching you nana nana verbiage about how you NOW think of your kids, in the guise about  you being protrayed as a class act in the appearance of mommy hood? The reality is nobody else was meeting your price, and thats all your worth…hell Cat is surprised somebody offered you that, but like W.C. Fields says, ‘there’s a sucker born every minute’…Get it NBC?

Too much for you to comprehend Kelly,  that the almighty you,  just might not be what you thought you were worth…. and somehow when push came to shove at the FOX meetings…you got your ass slapped for what YOU thought you were worth, and what you REALLY are worth…case in point…look at Tuckers ratings after you left…out here MONEY PLAYS…and wanna be’s are shown the door…its a VEGAS thing…

Anyhow…NBC,  like MSNBC are trying desperately to get back in the credibility game with Greta and Kelly…ain’t going to happen…damaged already done, too much water under the bridge…the American Public ain’t buying it like the kid who cried wolf too many times…those two Networks are definitely FAKE NEWS….again started by the O’Reilly phase from the self important ones in the NEW YORK MEDIA...where News ain’t news, only the opinion of the guy on the anchor desk or panel,  is news,  and how dare you question their news vanity  GOD,  cuz they stand on the first amendment…stupid…

Walter rolls in his grave on that one…

Even Baier and Cavuto find themselves in the opinion game with their panels…seriously nobody cares about their panels...Walter doesn’t…

Cat does give his paws to the Judges…both of them give it straight up no holds barred…hell Cat thinks the judges should start their own show for Fox…at least they don’t travel with a panel of non experienced opinators…especially the  Doctor who without a doubt trying to play the game at Fox,  clearly hates that Trump got in…give me a break…

Poor Fox…Murdoch is a resounding success in entertainment but News ain’t entertainment no matter what bloviating (like that word O’Reilly?) Factor guy says…

Rating and sudden defeat except for Tucker, and the Judges will be within a three year span,  act the struggling  New York Times,  to figure out that they at FOX are not the be all to News…

A newscaster reports the news…he doesn’t give opinions on the news...Case closed…just go with the Walter element,  and start all over Fox…cuz somewhere in the O’Reilly Inside Edition effect,  you seriously derailed the business, no matter what your intent was.

Rating for FOX D minus.


Cat (not intended) wanted to address Media reviews in a shorter timeframe,  but with the eruption of the immigration silliness,  Cat will take longer to deliver reviews for the Media here…in that…


NBC AND MSNBC…Cat review….SEE CAT ROLL ROLL ROLL IN THE HAY(STRIKE THAT) FLOOR…that pretty much sums up Cats review on those two short termers.

Rating for both F and another resounding F. 

Cat right, Cat always right.

Another tune to take you out….


Tomorrow Cat reviews the papers or the ones that scream the loudest. 


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Cat’s got to eat…have a heart …Cat says reading is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. 

Cat out till the morrow.

Weekly, News, Blog, by, Winston, Churchill, the, Cat, September, 30, 2015

My namesake says….

We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.


Hairball Award for the Week

‘White friends, pay for my therapy’: Asian woman wants white people to pay for her treatment for stress after years of ‘institutional racism’.

Florida preschool teacher, 40, ‘seduced her 12 year old daughter’s boyfriend, 15, into to having sex and then told him she was pregnant’

Cat to Asian…seriously? Why does it have to be white? Cats come in calico colors to contribute to your fruit l o o p therapy…go with that you ‘t a r d.

Florida is ALWAYS at the top of the list for child ANYTHING. Must be in the cat water dishes down there.

Cat make these two his bathroom maintenance attendees with their mentality.

Cat right. Those two need their own cat island that gets overcome by a tsunami.


Cat Flap Award for the Week

Georgia woman set to die after parole board refuses last minuute plea for clemency – despite Pope Francis’ calls for halt to her execution

Republicans slam Planned Parenthood chief over secretly filmed abortion videos as Congress spars over a half – BILLION in funding – although the group is ‘making a ton of dough’

Georgia woman kills her man, gets the political/strike that/former regligious one to make a call…to no avail in Georgia.

A half Billion to the crushing of baby heads at PP, and the Chief still has a job.

Seems to this cat, that Georgia could have found another bed when they offed the hubby

slayer up to the heavens for the PP Chief.

Humans, civil is criminal, and criminal is criminal.

The problem with humans is they don’t know that they’re one and the same.


Cat Litter Award for the Week

Why Hillary’s feminists are suffering from Fiorina envy.

One looks like a hedgehog, and one looks like a chipmunk.

Cat all about the animals, but not when they are in human form, and really really ugly.

Apparently, women have a low opinion of their image in the mirror.

For example:

Plus size woman who battled severe bulimia and depression reveals how she conquered her personal demons to become a social media star with more than 95,000 followers.


Tail to the Screen Award for the Week

US failing to stop most Americans trying to join ISIS, House study says.

ISIS planning ‘nuclear holocaust’ to wipe hundreds of millions from face of the earth’, claims reporter who embedded with extremists.

The Antichrist Illegal in Chief couldn’t find his cat penis with two roadmaps, and a neon

sign. Why is cat surprised that ISIS will take their religious (perfect example why religions don’t work) boogety boogety by force to overcome dum dum in chief ignoring evil (strike that, his friends).

Cat suspects that moron in Chief secretly is a card carrying member of ISIS.

Hell, by this demonic standard by Amatuer in Chief ignoring the obvious, even Putin looks good here.


Hide in the Bushes til the Noise Stops Award for the Week



WILL BE PRESIDENT EVEN THOUGH SHE LET 4 GUYS DIE IN BENGHAZI. (The email fiasco is just cat sauce here).

Seven deadly sins, Hillary, seven deadly sins.






Cat Realm Award for the Week

Movies: Entourage

It wasn’t THAT bad…though it needed more Ari Gold.


More next week from yours truly,

Winston Churchill the Cat…a Formidable, and Sturdy Cat…