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blog, blog, blog, Winston, Churchill, the Cat, ah, 2017, Arrives

Short words are best and the old words when short are best of all.

Yes well in Cats world that pretty much sums it up and predicts the emotional course of events overall for 2017 …



Cat as stated in prior blogs…is getting a tad bored with Politics…the infantile nani nani nani’s ain’t all that, and the country will restore to what once was thirty years ago…anybody born within that time is, says, or acts like the kid crying wolf…

Further, that clown, antichrist and the ick penis showing in more than one video man African in chief pretends to sleep  with,  have now been officially uncovered for the lies, little boy  antics, along with his five year old mentality, (cry when saying he should have got a third term, Israel and Russia, et al) therewith . ..

Funny funny stuff to the Cat…the whole world seems so much happier since the confused Barry has gotten the boot…but the piece of resistance is the world leaders with much amusement, are laughing the egotistical little illegal prick out (I’m a little surprised England hasn’t chimed in since Dickwad ignorned the Normandy Ceremony in the first year at the White House, but the English have always been a little slow)…and now they’re just ignoring him with a dash of their social media posts…absolutely perfect…

Poor crybaby…proof is in the pudding…you take the overwhelming now huge evidence against his,  and the other so called family members in this nations governing building…and especially the overwhelming evidence by the  Sheriff (after a five year trek has documented material of a false birth)…in fact the common denominator for the gutted birthed, the transvestite and those kids is WHATS THE STORY WITH ALL THEIR BIRTH CERTIFICATES….?

The whole eight years was/and is now shown to be predicated on lies, fraud, and it is obvious that he did this to the American people with a plan that was formulated in Nevada in 2009, with two or others who intentionally connived, conceived, and with direct  intent committed crimes against America for the sole purpose to acquire financial gains through abuse of power (include the latest bull from moron in chiefs mouth is a clear favorite connection to the middle east oil concerns with no vote from congress but only of his own mind)…now in legal terms,  what does that describe?

Yup, you guessed it…CAPITAL TREASON with the underlining issues which comport to CRIMINAL RICO…by design, description, acts, and deeds…

Crimes of this magnitude is punishable by either life in prison at HARD LABOR, OR DEATH, for any and all conspirators, collaborators, or other same like persons.

Cat would love to argue this case for the American people. Cat so stands on this argument that if asked, Cat will write a brief in argument to validify Cats statements here.

Course Cat needs to be paid for kitty food but Cat got chops…Cat right, Cat always right. Cat not your normal Cat…Cat got legal background….heh….eeee…

All of these actions by dick in chief was predicated on one thing...THOU SHALT NOT LIE. Karma is a bitch. Go with that.

Cat now brings a tune for you…listen up kitty cats…its a good thing…


Alright lets revert back to day when Cat used to write an entertainment column out here (told you Cat was a little bored with this political thing)…and give you a



(back in the day we weren’t allowed to write anything negative on any main or lounge show…well since Cat doesn’t answer to that asswipe editor anymore…Cat can tell the truth…Cats experience …over forty five years on a stage and column writer for over a couple of years) Cat knows…now Cat tells it like it is…


In no particular order to a partial of the performers…

Gloria Estaphan…gee thats embarrassing that some young kid has to sing her songs…shame what happened to her face…the weight makes it so she can barely move…tough to watch…the backup dancers were good…musicians were on their game…perfect…and they actually had stage clothes on…oh well…

Lucas Graham

Kid has a watch cap on which on appearance alone shows no RESPECT for the audience…his appearance was so embarrassing the little one and half octave wanna be’s shirt,  wasn’t even tucked in his backside…and I did say SHIRT…like he was going to the library or something…that ain’t stage clothes my friends…the fact that the kid’s natural features is not a handsome man with a  pie face, yet seems to think that a stage performance is some kind of nervous disorder (guess he thought it was some meaningful song gestures) where he kept touching his face and chest…wow, embarrassing…now include that scene with camera shots to the piano player who looked like he had a shirt on from the dollar store and the expressions of kid with Down Syndrome…

That ain’t entertainment folks…continuing with a few more…

DNCF? (might have spelled that wrong?)

Anyhow this punk actually went on stage with a bicycle chain hooked to his wallet,…I’m not making this up folks…then instead of dancing…he just jumped up and down like a toddler in a play pen or a monkey at the zoo….singing ability … ah, not even an octave…but the worst of it was,  the kid actually had tennis shoes on…your kidding me right? Wow was that depressing…

Demi Lovato...(I think thats her name who they camera’d from St. Martin)

Demi should stay home, and sing voiceovers…although she has two octaves…that is the fattest young girl I’ve seen on a stage …her legs are so thick that whatever she attempts to sing,,,you can’t get past her tree trunkiness to hear her voice…the fact that she has no movement except to walk from stage left to stage right…she’s a young kid, she should be able to waddle faster than that…no backups stage performers, nothing to keep the audience interested…absolutely a mess…

Mariah Carey…(now you know Cat lives for this one)

Look I realize some women put a pound or two on, but seriously Carey’s thunder thighs looked like a fat pork chops,  when the poor dancer TRIED to lift her beefy thigh up…a crane would have been a better experience…at least the audience wouldn’t have been laughing so hard AT her…wow what an amateur…

Moving right along on this…Sabotouge? More blaming, more didn’t have rehearsal excuses came from a woman long overdue to quit the business. Look you don’t have to rehearse if your LIP SYNCHING, Mariah…whats the point?

The fact that everybody in the world is beneath her stupendous ego when she consistently says WE, and especially when she consistently looked in the camera lens with Ryan SeaCrest , to fix her hair ignoring the fans behind her …who the fuck is she when he asked about MARIAHS WORLD when she says WE? SHE AIN’T THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND…

She’s needs to roll up her so called career, stop making excuses that she can’t sing anymore, and go be a REAL ESTATE AGENT for the next forty years. 

With an upcoming $127 a ticket concert dates with Lionel Richie up in the spring, the question remains…what is the audience paying for ? Hell for LIP SYNCHING, the patrons can stay home, get a poster of her and buy some old tapes for the jukebox….and save some money for their piggy banks.

Professional, she ain’t….GIVE IT UP CAREY.,,,YOUR CAREER IS OVER.


Cat is not BILLBOARD, and with a certain and deliberate training for a stage is more than qualified to call it…and as you can see Cat tells it STRAIGHT UP.


Cat was going to put a Carey tune here, but its just too embarrasing to put up since now Cat wonders if the tune was actually sang by her …


Welcome to 2017 folks…Cat funny, Cat right, and Cat up in your face this year…

Cat reads you telepathically too in 2017d…Yup, Cat does that this year too…heh..politics, financial future, or other straight on predictions…give Cat call….you’ll be glad you did…

Cat next time shows his girl and her inside Christmas tree…Cat loves her…she goofy Cat…

Cat got a reading now, Cat gotta go….


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blog, blog, blog, winston, churchill, the cat, July, 2, 2016

Cat says listen to the tune…a nice JB song to get ya through the holiday…

Don’t let the following get ya down…especially since the good guys and the people are NOW  winning considering the English vote…

What does that mean for people of the US? A lot. Cat says its about time we got over the fear of standing up for the right thing to do…not letting the sancuary cities, illegals, the evil of ISIS, the CLINTON regime, the lies, the other countries who think we’re foolish, dumb, or weak kneed, or the lying washington morons who are now being shown for the bullshit they been shoveling get over with our doing nothing…in other words…America now has a backbone again.

Was it Trump speaking for the people? Yup, it was.

No more of that Clinton sociopath crapola…they are done…doesn’t matter how many times they object…her sociopath behavior especially this week, and the whoremonger on paper him whose karma has run out…done cat says….

Secrets secrets secrets are now unfolding and the Clintons look like the fools they thought you were. Again here we go….CREAM RISING, and TRUMP WINS IT ALL.


You might listen to humans last week YOUTUBE Caasha’s World Afterhours and War stories on a true story about the QUEER FEMALE CLINTON.

What you really need to pay attention to is the story coming next week in the same category about the male CLINTON, and how he got the WHITE HOUSE.


Cat likes it when humans get it right.

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or humans contact at

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Although this holiday used to represent the birth of a nation, it now in the last couple of years has become the birth of you…even in the cat world.

You can tell I got muscle and what Cat says on Monday is the same tale on Thursday.

Come on humans, bring it, denounce the ISIS mentality of the world, and above all, see the sociopaths CLINTON’S for what they were, deal with it, and send them both to jail…her for contributing to the deaths of 4 of ours in Bengazhi, and him for pedophilia.


…so have a lovely you holiday and listen to my favorite Cat song by JB…it always makes me wag my tail.



blog, blog, blog, Winston, Churchill, the Cat May, 2, 2016

Listen to the song and bring it. 


(Cat doesn’t normally look at a book, but in a couple of these delusional candidates, Cat has to go there)…cuz the outer appearance is so foreign that one cannot hear the book speak…


The K guy…he gotta go…Thats one boy that needs a facial….

Almost pathetic to watch at this point (LIKE A FIGHTER THAT WON’T STAY DOWN EVEN AFTER HE’S BEAT) …..and how about those back woods eating habits?

The hunchback effect makes it a perfect reason that people are repulsed, and  that he gets no votes.

Definitely the Peter Principle (how is that every one else gets the fact he needs get out of the race, and he doesn’t?).

How sad is it, he gets hoodwinked by the Snoz i.e. Lying Ted (a homegrown party guy),

…so think about it…K doesn’t see it coming…

…and God forbid, he gets the white house and has to deal with foreign enemies…..

….ain’t too comforting for the future of the US.

K guy has to go just so he doesn’t embarass himself anymore.

Cat thinks K needs to use different dental paste.

You wonder why Cat has no use for humans…

See picture for Cats overall opinion of K.


More tunes for your listening pleasure.

…listen and sway as K leaves the room…..

Do it now…..


also try Cats alter ego…..



725 261 1238

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