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Dear Wife of Liveris..

In this world of now female yelling…count yourself one that will go down in time as a beacon of failure…

Two facts are certain…

one. Either you knew that your old man committed murder in the 70’s, and are still buying Louboutin shoes on the bodies of the dead gals.


two. You are too dumb to ask…”So what did you do today, Honey?”


It is a woman’s perogative to change her mind, and although I registered title and content to this murder by your hubby, and his company in 2015, it is now time to finish the story.

Please take notice, you pious scumbag, I held the forward, or opening scene till now…but will…count on it…will copy this letter, and put your name in that space.

You see, for every shoe you buy…you do this with complete ignorance, or intended greedy behavior that you think is acceptable only in the mirror…

You wipe your ass like everybody else on this planet, and your snatch needs a douche just like other down ward fuzzy humans.

Also, know this, I will send you an autographed copy in literary form, and CD with one question…(as I will over at the top brokerage houses…got to be one sonofabitch that wants to lay his head on the pillow at night in the art of being a good guy).


Yeh, Ms. Liveris, deal with it. Chemical has to make amends for what they did to many who have died because your ole man said THIS IS THE AMERICAN DREAM.

At over one billion shares now, and the money you enjoy because of them,  you have and are walking on those bodies.

Have a good day.

PS. There is no doubt that most of this letter is over your head…obviously…who knows maybe you’ll get it in another lifetime.



The rest here is for anyone that has a morsel of a thought in their head…

Ya see, the short version is this…

Dow Chemical was going broke, and nobody would loan them money.

Dow went to its subsidiary Dow Corning, and said, “Hey what about those implants?”

Corning said, “Ah yeh, but the casings ain’t good.”

Chemical said, “No worries, we’ll ship ya the the fortifying ingredients ammonia and platinum, but we won’t tell anybody about our involvement.”

Corning incorporates the new version.

Whallah, now in estimated sales, Chemical can tell Wall Street they got success…hence loans.

Yeh, enter me. I meet with Norton at criminal SEC (World Trade) and tell them what happened.

What does SEC do except to say, “If what you say is true, this is EXTREMELY DISCONCERTNG? Yeh, well, Norton, would have could have should have…you didn’t do a damn thing…now why would that be asks me?…After all, NORTON, you had the 10’8’s and the 10K’s….why didn’t you tell the stockholders…after all, wasn’t that your job?

Then in the Dow meetings back in Michigan, someone asks …”what about the FDA?”.

Some Dow asshole says, “Don’t worry, we got ’em covered.”

Then Kessler put the implants back on the market…and the deaths began one by one.

Ah, gee could it be all about the money? After all, the AP reported during the implants off the market that the PLASTIC SURGEONS were losing a hundred million a year.

Ya see, that prick Kessler in one easy stroke of a pen and with having the Chemical testing grandfathered in on animals, not humans,  actually signed the death certificates of many women, men, and the poor kids that got sick. Then he took retirement, later came back as a consultant.

The reality is that when that asshole did that, a woman was so broken hearted here that she breast fed her two kids who also got the same symptoms as her JUMPED OFF A PARKING GARAGE.  

In that, just as of last week, and of course there have many through the years, but…ANOTHER WOMAN HERE IN TOWN DIED IN MARCH. 

Yep, thats KESSLER FOR YA…I wonder how much CHEMICAL PAID HIM? 

So being a betting woman…literary form naming names, and film agreements will say that one of the Wall Street types with the question from above coming to the IMAGE and loss on Wall Street coming to your viewing pleasure within the most instant future…

Now people being people…you can bet someone will go, “Hey what the fuck?…that ain’t right…and then  the litigation begins…

Funny thing…the whole nightmare was predicated on a simple lie that was drawn to GREED….a simple lie.

Forget about the fact that the institutions cannot lay in bed with murder…how much will it cost CHEMICAL? I’m thinking more than a billion in legal fees, and damages…

Get your lawn chair this should be good.

Yeh, go with that…and that fucking CUNT who is married to LIVERIS…YEH, WELL, she can read her name in print and see it on screen.


725 261 1238

Like namesake says, NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE UP.

Heres a tune to make a point…