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So says my namesake human…..

This is no time for ease and comfort. It is time to dare and endure.

and a tune for you to wrap your human souls around…

Cat sees this election as a NEW YORK THING…

Now you touchie feelie ‘we’re better than you, and everybody else on the planet’ smucks….KNOW THIS…

Your buying into a wanna be NEW YORKER from Arkansas,  who hoodwinked you with her pedophilia hubby because she was a queer,  and hates men? You dummies fell for it…SHAME ON YOU…forget about the obvious health, lies, and talking in tongues at a whim that she shovels on the COUNTRY at every given speech, outing, or presser. 

Your high faloonten better than thou attitude has been presented with hatred on so many different fronts towards society by her,  and you FOOLS bought it hook, line, and sinker..,.what a bunch of MORONS you are…

Why? Cat sees it like this…somebody had to go to HARLEM and pretend to help the black folks…cuz you didn’t or wouldn’t have to…you addressed some fucking GUILT you held for some inconceivable ACTION OR EMOTION THAT you actually thought you were responsible for…now enter the CLINTONS…PLEASE get over your selves…

In that, your OVERPAID media types sold you more soap that if you didn’t join the crazy immoral fuzzy math gravy train of this subliminal hoopla that the criminal CLINTONS were selling,  that you wouldn’t be part of the COOL KIDS AT SCHOOL…not one of you in that voting group can think for yourself….maybe you should move to POOKEEPSIE….or keep your appointments at BELLEVUE FOR YOUR BASKET WEAVING CLASSES.

You pride yourself as being alledgly the caretakers of the future of civilization, and you get shot in the foot by a transplant…FUNNY, and the fact that you LONG ISLAND WHORES with the fancy party dresses, rap insigna, bad fashion, or the celebrities with publicists that has a connection at PAGE SIX actually prints that you CARE that your opinion can sway mountains is DELUSIONAL. KNOW THIS CELEBRITIES,  other than some acting role YOUR involved in, YOUR OVERBLOWN EGO  is embarrasing how OUT OF TOUCH you truly are with your audience.

Or,  how about those women that hang out at 69th and Mad, are part of PETA, OR THE NOW IQ LIMITED, who have the best makeup, the best designer wardrobe, but have a look on their faces that they haven’t been fucked in a decade…COME ON NEW YORK…COULD YOU BE THIS DUMB while your putting down REAL CATS that make up humanity, and so out of FEAR of SHARPTON, while your trying to be so SMART?

We all, whether you like it or not, Cats too, pass gas, take a dump in the bushes, and fuck. Come down off your high horse NEW YORK cuz your NOW actions are TRULY RETARDED.

After all, aren’t you the group that hired DEBLASIO…and you see how that worked out for you.

A PENNY WISE AND A POUND FOOLISH is a saying we use out here a lot, and without a doubt the shoe fits NEW YORK.

NOW DO WHAT HE SAYS IN THE SONG, and get some especially FOR THOSE MENTIONED IN THE AFOREMENTIONED’ll put a smile on your face and help you in your next GOOFBALL rah rah rally, sign screaming FIFTH AVENUE event.

Then and now enter the a TRUE NEW YORKER…you know, that guy with a T surname…a guy who actually built something, contributed something, and shoots from the hip…YEH that guy. A guy that walks the walk, and talks the talk for the people, (and you know, you NEW YORKERS love to talk), to all people in America,  not just the NEW YORKERS.

A guy that sells it, isn’t really part of a group no matter how much they want to get him to join.,,.,.you know a guy that speaks for HUMANITY.

Isn’t that what you guys are all about…some loftier than thou BULLSHIT how NEW YORK seems to know better than the other 49 states?

A guy who speaks to the language of the farmers, the coal miners, the humans that are the voting AMERICA, NOT JUST SOME PRETENTIOUS NEW YORK LABEL.

February 2015, a Beverly Hills client that Psychic had  knew Trump and owned one of his places in New York,,,well when she mentioned his name…Psychic said, Trump runs Trump wins….later that year in June,  Trump threw his hat in the ring,,,like Cat and Psychic says, Trump was born to be President. Not brain surgery, just a universal destiny for Trump Cat.

Continuing…Trump represents the people…you NEW YORKERS remember that little mantra FROM 1776 WHICH SAYS, ‘OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE SHALL NOT PERISH FROM THE EARTH’.

TRUMP in his damn up your face, not taking money from lobbyists, word, or influence swaying groups, organizations, or clubs came, told it, and broke it down for the common man. What a PRESIDENT is…a guy who understands whats missing…is willing to stand up and tell it, correct it, and doesn’t get involved in whats his favorite color questions.

What NEW YORKERS are with TRUMP?...just the silent majority that simply had had enough of the fancy BULLSHIT…you know the group that actually makes NEW YORK move…enter the cab drivers, the doormen, the cops, etc.,…true NEW YORKERS who do the job and NEVER ONCE THINK THAT NEW YORK OWES THEM A LIVING because of their blood lines.

That’s who TRUMP CAT IS…yup…TRUMP does NEW YORK well, and thats what NEW YORK is. A welcoming mat for the WORLD with old world tradition as long as you follow the rules. 

We do that, we defend, and we protect. We expect you not to complain, or think we owe you something cuz you came from some other shore,. We demand that you follow our citizenship rules and regs. After all, we didn’t ask you to come here, but we will require you to do one simple thing…have some respect for us.

Thats what TRUMP is, and …

should you still be pontificating from the dark and dirty CLINTON side while working through your guilt trips, then you should be afraid…cuz TRUMP says what he means and he doesn’t once apologize for his verbiage…Thats what a leader does who stands for Humanity…get it…it ain’t about you, its about all in NEW YORK, and therefore the people who inhabit the other 49 states. 

From where Cat sits in Las Vegas, the only thing you CLINTON denial ones are afraid of  is your going to have to tow the line, and your fancy rhetoric will cost you your bragging rights, and self important paychecks.

UNIVERSAL KARMA IS A BITCH and so is the seven deadly sins PAYBACK.

CAT APPROVES THIS MESSAGE NEW YORK. Botero would be so proud.

Heres one more song NEW YORK for the cheap seats.

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Namesake tells this….


Cat is beyond bored with the CLINTON LIES…without a doubt that teletubbie is playing a GAME she can’t win.

As predicted in September 9, 2016 blog, now its just a matter of the UNIVERSE addressing tubbies failed KARMA when in the 90’s… her attempt to annialate a culture, while bringing HATRED through her sexuality of being a QUEER to society, and of course, the continual affliation to deaths surrounding anyone who would tell the tale,  while at the same time,  she joined her whoremonger mate who blackmailed two senators in congress for the Presidency.,..a slippery slope into the human abyss over a thirty year time.

Remember one thing about the Universe…in regards to the Queer thing…Giraffes don’t fuck Buffalos…it just ain’t done…

…this ain’t the days of the Monica, people, and the UNIVERSE is taking aim…the health is just a given for how the UNIVERSE has had enough…enter Bernie…

Cat prediction…she’s done, put a fork in it…and she did it to herself.

Anyone who can’t tell the difference between what this country stands for, and their own personal confusion should leave now. Your just to dumb to be here.


Trump on the other hand looks to the people of the US as a guy who can see the BUSINESS and him in the role of CEO…a better footing..

Anyone who can complete a sentence without thinking every statement is a personal attack on them is what America is. 


Cat approves this message, and offers this song for your listening pleasure…



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