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Cat peowed this week with mankind…hence song….

Will repeat Psychic’s Prediction here…


One in bed with ISIS

One who ignores ISIS

One with border problems


Convention? Humanity? Failure of humans….Argue with Trump…not good…Be for him…Cat puts his paws together for you, and will not pee in your yard…

Calm it down out there…Cat rarely gets this flustered…might even skip a bowl of kibbles…now you know Cat is grumpy when Cat does that…

….James is the man, so Cat serves up another one by him…go with that for now…

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Caasha’s World: After Hours and War Stories


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Cat had a dream about this song…so there…

CAT watches from his nap area and sees GOOD VS. EVIL this week…humans in the political arena accusing the queer sociopath criminal Clinton and she’s cat toast as she goes down in flames….Cat wags his tail….

The Comey Cat actually screwed man hating Clinton without charging her….if the folks even thought she had a chance, now with the CARELESS  remark from him and direct coverup from the fat legged Lynch…that was enough to put those fence people over to the Trump side…

Forget about Sanders...he’s just looking for a spot on the criminals political bullentin board…

…but in all this latest riff raft,  who really feels left out…is the crybaby Florida Bush boy….nobody likes him…boo hoo…

VP? Trump…Cat picked Christie when Cat saw Trump whisper in his ear at debates…

VP Queer C…..probably another man hating heavy hipped no makeup tub just like her…

Like the Psychic Caasha said, a week of KARMA for all those evil buffoons …and a good week for TRUMP to take the good KARMA FOR HUMANITY…


CREAM RISES….and a bowl of popcorn, a movie, and some tunes…makes the cat world go by.

more tunes to get ya in the pre convention mood … or to celebrate Englands MAY

Listen or Cat will hurt you…

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Caasha’s World with some of After Hours and War Stories

Cat out. See new lazy cat picture for your viewing pleasure….



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Cat says listen to the tune…a nice JB song to get ya through the holiday…

Don’t let the following get ya down…especially since the good guys and the people are NOW  winning considering the English vote…

What does that mean for people of the US? A lot. Cat says its about time we got over the fear of standing up for the right thing to do…not letting the sancuary cities, illegals, the evil of ISIS, the CLINTON regime, the lies, the other countries who think we’re foolish, dumb, or weak kneed, or the lying washington morons who are now being shown for the bullshit they been shoveling get over with our doing nothing…in other words…America now has a backbone again.

Was it Trump speaking for the people? Yup, it was.

No more of that Clinton sociopath crapola…they are done…doesn’t matter how many times they object…her sociopath behavior especially this week, and the whoremonger on paper him whose karma has run out…done cat says….

Secrets secrets secrets are now unfolding and the Clintons look like the fools they thought you were. Again here we go….CREAM RISING, and TRUMP WINS IT ALL.


You might listen to humans last week YOUTUBE Caasha’s World Afterhours and War stories on a true story about the QUEER FEMALE CLINTON.

What you really need to pay attention to is the story coming next week in the same category about the male CLINTON, and how he got the WHITE HOUSE.


Cat likes it when humans get it right.

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Although this holiday used to represent the birth of a nation, it now in the last couple of years has become the birth of you…even in the cat world.

You can tell I got muscle and what Cat says on Monday is the same tale on Thursday.

Come on humans, bring it, denounce the ISIS mentality of the world, and above all, see the sociopaths CLINTON’S for what they were, deal with it, and send them both to jail…her for contributing to the deaths of 4 of ours in Bengazhi, and him for pedophilia.


…so have a lovely you holiday and listen to my favorite Cat song by JB…it always makes me wag my tail.