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Music to soothe the gnarly fat political cats…listen cat says so it describes the morons afoot this week…and brings ‘your right and they’re wrong’ to the plate…

One must never piss off cat…on that…Trump it up…Trump wins it all day long…no more warfare in the way of words…

Namesake says….I am easily satisfied with the very best

The FBI ain’t looking good here on that Florida thing…

Ain’t no gun thing … its all the ISIS bull…

A week clearly separating the wheat from the stafe…holy moly…

What a week…Trump gets this…ah , theres that cream rises aspect…

Yes, this latest DOJ holding back on allowing the people to hear the tapes…yeh, that ain’t good…no we are smarter than the gov trying to force us, the people into submission..

..To fit a mold…heads up gov…we ain’t that dumb…not good for the gov this week…


okay there it is…cat has spoken…

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its all good….


PS. in her site she just predicted the first female president of the US…in 2036 the lady now 29 will be the victor…perfect and high paw from cat…


blog, blog, blog, winston, churchill, the cat, June, 16, 2016

Cat is jamming to Sam and Dave…Fucking A. 

For this weeks whoop de doo my namesake tells it like it is…when he says.

The best argument against the democracy (Democrats) is a five minute conversation with the average voter.

Well, would have, could have, should have, and the tragedy in Florida finally broke the rubber band.

Jump on the Trump humanitarian wagon, or get lost in the dust…

Enter the silliness of Romney or the whats was the name of  that New England wanna be female again…or even the kid Rubio…too late, too stupid, or to young to stop the Trump Stampede for the little people…

Yes, the common voter stood up, became the majority, and are making a difference.

The thugs, the illegals, the crazies, the sign carriers are the minorities…about time.

You go Trump.


…but not before (you know cat loves his James Brown) cat instructs you to listen to another tune…

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PS Segment 4 Community Service adds a little spice to the fun.