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Namesake says:

I am fond of pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.

Cat loves this Clinton Karma thing…he’s a whoremonger, she’s a queer, Trump calls it for what it is…Criminal…works for Cat…

Poor Bernie…well, at least he tried…

New Guy…Loser Guy too late,

Again, the Clinton aspect…wow, their being shown for what they are…subliminal, hocus pocus, and against society…

Could you imagine still being a supporter of anything Clinton?

Like Cat says along, the queer female Clinton never gave two cat shits about the National Security, she was only worried about being found out she was a lesbo ….

Now you enter the Mercury News reporter aspect to the male Clinton….

,..and this should be an interesting couple of days for the Clintons, like Cat says, KARMA week for those failures of a really bad humans…enter Clintons name here ,..

On a different realm…again, where is the Hill going to get her next supporters? Yeh, you guessed it…the next jail cell…who knows maybe they’ll make her jail house custodian…

What a lowlife…strike that, lowlifes…and hows this for KARMA…ain’t the male sick…?

You can’t write cat shit this good…

You go Trump…Yes, yes, and more yes…

Now if we could honor our Vets by expediting their VA hospital appointments, it would be a better place…

Cat out.

Cat music…listen…its a good thing..


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Cat betting Clintons go down in flames in the next week or two

Where cat sits, the Clintons are long overdue…heh

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A song for you….

So they come unraveled, three decades of slippery slope.

The Queer Clinton is seen for what she is…hateful.

Trump rises. Here he comes.

Cream over dark.

Bernie, bernie, bernie….last Dem standing in a sea of the coloring book crowd.

See what your platform would be Bernie when you look at Venezuela.

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Namesake says:

We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and we shall fight in the hills, we shall never surrender.

We stand for the United States of America.

We are Winston Churchill the Cat and you aren’t.


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Cat says listen to song…thats the politics changing for the better with Trumpee…

Course if your a lowlife, criminal, or have a lower IQ (some humans do) then you won’t get Trumpee…the boys got it going even in the Cat world.

For some of you too lazy to read, or write unless your spray painting some sign, the United States had a set of balls,  back in the day. The fact that we were a special country was clearly an understatement.

We rocked.


Then enter the Carter/Clinton effect a couple of decades ago, and all of sudden it was okay to be fat, lazy, complaining, or on the dole to the government.

Where did we go wrong?

Some moron bought into the criminality of the Clinton effect, and we were to lazy to stand up or give a shit.

While still reeling from the effect,  wait for it,  that loser Carter who brought another evil to the US. Cubans and drugs…

Gee what a guy Carter..enter 2016, and did you think what your people did Rubio…gee … a legend in his own mind, did ya think we forgot that fiasco…by the way, what is he? Twelve.

Between the both of them, Carter and Clinton,  it began a slippery slope of negativity, failed respect, and overall nani nani nani in the US.

We became everybodys bitch on the planet.

Don’t even get Cat started about  this current antichrist in chief…don’t even go there.

Cat snarls, and see in picture Cats reaction everytime Cat hears anything about that asswipe. He honors anything that is against the US, or

as Cat wrote in his eve of the eve in 08…

that one will be charged with crimes against humanity after he leaves office, for making side deals that brings down Americans with our enemies…actually your seeing a lot now thats leaning that way…thugs in the White House, or a religion where we invite unchecked ISIS to the US, or…

making friends with murders, rapists, or any criminal…where he sees them as folks, or while Syria and Ferguson were erupting, where he says

“I see the world in a state of calm”

…or the latest by threatening the education of children by forcing Trannies down their throats in the bathrooms…

The only person who would say or order behavior like that is the devil.


The US being the comeback kids,  now have a good guy to get some respectability back…..yes, its about time. You go Trump.


Trump was born to be president. Cool.

Cat approves, and you know Cat, Cat doesn’t like anybody.


Side housekeeping…


Bruce Springfield sucks, Gene Simmons sucks, Bieber sucks, and anybody who actually thinks that people buy a ticket to see you,  and you return the favor by being disrespectful of their patronage, by being full of yourself

that you actually think the Fans give a shit that you actually can tell them to get involved with the cause your in.

Fans don’t give a shit about your mental disorder, they only care about having a great show.

Know this you morons,

Fans make you, and Fans can destroy you.



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Thanks…and don’t get me started about the Lucifer…that guy has turned out to be a great embarrassment ,,, wow on so many different fronts. 


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Song, listen,..thats what

Trumpee brings to the Republican plate…

What do they do?

They attack…

Crybabies the lot of them…

Republicans screwed up, and forgot the power of the little people…

Trump brings them in droves, and shows the Republicans what time it is.

Republicans fearing they’ll be out of a job, and fancy suits…refuse to welcome him.

Mark my Cat paws, they will lose, and Trump will win for the people.

Like Prince says, “You want a leader, but you can’t make up your mind.”


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More tunes for your listening pleasure to keep your spirits up against the bad guys out there.


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Cat happy…Cat says listen….do what the song is…and Cat will like you


Cat says Clinton is a queer 2 days ago…today a newspaper said the same….eeee…

,,,They’re all loons those politicians…

…ah, but the burning question is,  are these the best we got?


Cat running for mayor of New York….

Here is Cats platform or some of it…

one. pick up every homeless person, and charge them with endangering the health of the citizens, You can’t take a dump or pee on the sidewalks…bad, very bad. Cat appalled.

two. give every cop a raise, and give the desk jockeys a treadmill for the ones that need it,

three, punish and keep them (the perps) who attack cops at Rikers for ever.

four. get rid of UBER.  Put less cabs on the streets.

five, hire a fat woman to do the books at city hall. No body keeps better books than a fat broad.

six, keep the horses at central park, and give them a better place to house their big butts.

seven. make  gracie mansion a drop off for the animals that the cops, and fireman find in the middle of the night

eight. appeal everything deBlasio ever did,

nine,. be on time for funerals of cops.

Its a start folks, vote for me, and everybody gets happy in New York.

more to come…

On the current state of political events…

Cat says Trump should start the Trump party…he has the votes, and doesn’t need the GOP..

You go Trump…Cat sees no competition cuz the Queer Clinton will be jail soon.

Cat out.


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Thank you, you’ll be glad you did…



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Lucifer done….had lots to say about that boy…but the song gets it…listen it’ll make ya smile…still nobody likes him.

Now K boy…  The song is actually too classy for him, but it’ll do for now….When the people of his own state don’t want him to embarass himself anymore…thats apparently when he got it.


Next in the ELIMINATION the last two on the other side…the Socialist and the Criminal.


Song is a little too hip for the boy but his down low works in theory for his so called movement.

First off, his parents wanted a house in Brooklyn, so instead of digging deep to work extra to get the down payment, they chose to dive into a pity game, and blame every body on the planet cuz they didn’t get their house.

Sanders grows up with this head trip, and gets an attitude about democracy, and why it doesn’t work for him.

Moves to some cow state, and sells punk nose kids ‘its okay not to work for a living, and the government owes you an education because you were born‘.

The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.

The whole concept ain’t based in reality Bernie.

Whats funny is this old hippie runs his socialist movemnt under a democratic party banner.

He’ll run out of money, Put a fork in it.


The Queer Clinton

True Story…years ago I took a look at that broad, and said to myself, she’s a Queer….a few days after that I ran into a couple of Agents and asked them, “Is she?’  Both guys pointed to the guy in the middle, and said, “He used to guard her.”

After a small bashful shuffle from the Agent, he answered, “She often flaunted her girlfriends.”

That was three days before the Moncia thing when they were still in Arkansas.

I never had much use for either the male or female, but think about it, your Gov/President and your wife likes the pussy. What else ya going do?…attack women. Yeh, what a duo him and her….

No wonder she stuck with him, because I don’t know one self respecting female that would hung in there, unless she had an agenda.

Shortly after that, they moved to New York.

Look the male was a low life, the female is in the down and fuzzy spots, hating men all along, and now they got a foundation.

…ah the Clinton Cash…or the Clinton Crimes that’s called extortion under the Banner of a higher good…bullshit.

They got one mission to get paid and to get laid…hell its common knowledge, the male has a private residence within shouting distance of Green Valley Ranch in Henderson, Nevada

That fat ass douche isn’t worred about State Department secrets coming out, she’s worried her girl girl emails might be exposed that she’s a queer…

Yeh, and on that…how about those lies? …man thats one twisted human…does she think people can’t remember what she said last week…apparently they can in West Virginia.

A true sociopath, and ugly to boot…wow God gave her the appearance of a hippopotamus with buck teeth…no wonder she likes the Y…

Lies and more lies…Hillary…your the poster child of true ugly in females…oh yeh, when you see your mother, punch her in the mouth for me for turning out a seriously defect.

Wow, and they Clinton kid is seriously a 3 bagger…(any guy will tell you what that phrase means)

All in all, the crimes will come out, and she’s soooo done.

…maybe she can be President of the cell block with Durst as her VP. …or Madoff. They all think they can walk on water…


Cat got that off his fur…

By the way, who gets the White House keys to the front door?

…..the Humanitarian …Trumpee.

Yeh, and the crowd roars.   

…more tantalizing fun stuff on the ‘morrow by Cat…tell your friends.

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Listen to the song and bring it. 


(Cat doesn’t normally look at a book, but in a couple of these delusional candidates, Cat has to go there)…cuz the outer appearance is so foreign that one cannot hear the book speak…


The K guy…he gotta go…Thats one boy that needs a facial….

Almost pathetic to watch at this point (LIKE A FIGHTER THAT WON’T STAY DOWN EVEN AFTER HE’S BEAT) …..and how about those back woods eating habits?

The hunchback effect makes it a perfect reason that people are repulsed, and  that he gets no votes.

Definitely the Peter Principle (how is that every one else gets the fact he needs get out of the race, and he doesn’t?).

How sad is it, he gets hoodwinked by the Snoz i.e. Lying Ted (a homegrown party guy),

…so think about it…K doesn’t see it coming…

…and God forbid, he gets the white house and has to deal with foreign enemies…..

….ain’t too comforting for the future of the US.

K guy has to go just so he doesn’t embarass himself anymore.

Cat thinks K needs to use different dental paste.

You wonder why Cat has no use for humans…

See picture for Cats overall opinion of K.


More tunes for your listening pleasure.

…listen and sway as K leaves the room…..

Do it now…..


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