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blog, blog, blog, Winston, Churchill, the Cat, April, 29, 2016

Listen to his song for you….

Last blog to send him on his way tomorrow (he’s been circling for 9 days)….

Cat bows to his brilliance…

Human … one of outstanding joy, delivery, and gift….not to be seen again…

Even the King (international) or Godfather (regional) couldn’t top him (national)…

Learn from him…it will make your whole body smile, and your petty will evaporate…

Its called love….true love.

Now listen and do this, or Cat will find you.


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Tomorrow back to the political gibberish…

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Blog, blog, blog. by Winston, Churchill, the Cat April, 22, 2016

Song says it all,

Consummate entertainer to keep the fans  happy, even in the throes of pain..

He did.

Missed? Then some.

…his now friend opens the gates.

Together they sing for the happiness of humanity.

One drags a purple cape on the clouds.

Gold doves fly.

One white glove.

Cat says sing you…sing.





Blog, blog, blog, Winston, Churchill,the, Cat April, 21, 2016


Cat gives this humanitarian a bow.

Cat gives this humble one quiet applause.

Cat gives this enigma respect.

Cat gives the gifter deep praise.


Humanity cries.

He sings.

You sing too.

They sing together now.


Humanity circles the Earth.

You  bow, be grateful, and try  a moment of humble.

You’ll get it. They did.

You sing with them.

Cat says so.


Listen again to them both. 


blog, blog, blog, Winston, Churchill, the, Cat, April, 8, 2016

Cat says listen to the song….it is our country now, and since we now can blueprint the next hundred years,  just like our  authors, lets get this right for the people, so we don’t fall again (at any level) from our high standards, or  become the losers of the world.

After all, we started this country as nobody’s crybaby, we just got lost in the last couple of decades.

….in that, and in case anybody forgot, we are the United States of America. Lets start acting like it again. 


Cat always believed that the mattering of the few (GOP or DEM) party opinionaters should be sued for taking the votes away from the people. This may be that time.

When the GOP attempts to force TRUMP to get in line, while ignoring the ground swell of the people, then what country are we living in?


Message to Trump…they give you any static … start a TRUMP party for the people based on the Constitution. 


So here we are today, Trump comes along, and touches the human will of the American people, and in a nano second everybody gets mad? Groups want to label him. Criminals  and illegals protest against him. People who have gotten away with not contributing to the American way of life (cuz they have had an easy ride don’t want to tow the line) hate him. They are the parasites, the lazy ones, the complainers, the wanting something for nothing sign carrying morons that haven’t a clue about the integrity of life.. That crowd.

How can you label a humanitarian effort to bring us back from the brink? Thats  what Trump represents.

The nano nano set bitches the loudest…get over it (Cat sees them as a bunch of five year olds with a chip on their shoulder).

Work never killed anybody. Defending a nation never did anything,  but show an American spirit across the globe,  sends a clear message that the United States of America is nobody’s bitch boy. Thats what Trump does. Good for Trumpee.

Cat right.



Cat sees the current state of political affairs as,  these wanna be groups or labeled entities as acting from nothing more than pure jealousy. That, and fear,  that the stuffed shirt crowd will be out of a job. After all, overall, what Trump does here is expose the importance of the American people other than five blowheart nut jobs in Washington. It may have Trump awhile to get here, but he’s here now. Deal with it.

After all, with Trump, someone has to be courageous enough to tell all,  that the world is round,.


Trump scares the spin doctors from both sides of the parties.

(To spin is to lie). We learn that at 7 years old. Anything beyond that in intentional.

Trump cuts to the chase, and nails it on our countries forgotten verve to be respected again worldwide. We are nobody’s servant, yet the last 3 decades we have been in free fall for others on the planet or (in their opinion  of America, we are now equal to a bunch of losers in business, loyalty, dedication, and since this now appearance seems to representive of our lock and trade. Sadly, the reality of our image is we have become nothing more than a country  on our knees,  with a bar of soap.

Since we’ve always been the come from behind kids in a sea of 218 countries, we got a shot to emerge as outstanding with Trump. Go with that. Cat is.


Fear ….two examples.


Ask yourself this…

Why do you think Mexico has a problem with Trump? Mexico will have to peddle their wares elsewhere, and their citizens will be returned to them.

Too bad for Mexico. If they were such a great country, then why did everybody leave?


Don’t even get Cat started on the fear factor that Trump represents with the Pope, or Popes hidden greed.  The one thing the Pope doesn’t want is for the masses to think for themselves….stigmata. When Constantine started faith control for the masses back  in the day…Constantine had one mantra..’.lets not tell the people that religion means lifestyle, and the free will of the peope can do this for themselves’. ‘Let’s also not tell the masses, they don’t need the Catholic Church’…’and we surely won’t tell the folks,  that we’re in it for the $25,000 gold chalices’. ‘It’ll be our little secret.’


Mexico and the Vatican as of late,  are both spouting tremendous fear that the United States, and it’s citizens will have a voice through Trump. Good. Cat says both entities are long overdue to be outed for their dismal approach  towards mankind.


More Cat thoughts…

After all, aren’t we about self respect, and worth in this country? Isn’t that we do here?

Cat says, when one has that mindset going for you, you can do anything.


Bet on Trump. Cat likes Trump, and know this, Cat doesn’t like anybody.

Cat right.


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Cat approves this message. So does the human.