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Blog, blog, blog, Winston Churchill the Cat, March 26, 2016+


…Cat took time to enjoy a few laps around the human experience….hence…lets get right to it….in this...Cat approves this message…


Trump wins

Trump answers to humanity, not a label, or group

Song tells it all….

..his wife is the best looking gal to represent the US. About time, Monkey in chief has spent about $180Million on shopping trips on the taxpayers dime.

Cat and his friends appauld and wag their furry tails….

Christies does the VP role…saw that in one of the debates where Trump and Christie were deep into a whispering engaging posture…(cat stands corrected here in prior Cruz prediction) ┬áChristie has the marbles to take the AG job, but he’s got enough moxey to do a first class VP job…and not look like a complete idiot (which the job demands)

All the rest stays in place for the prior predictions…(hint hint…next weeks blog is cat replacing de blasio for mayor)


Wall Street gets off the volatile train next January…between now and then, its all about China screwing, and lying their asses off to the reporting…

Also, later this year, gossip about a major chemical company, a formidable real estate company and a drug company will be exposed for cooking the books….

The actual evidence will not be charged till March of 2017.

Big Stuff. The stockholders will be peowed.

Cat predicts the year which started yesterday is about “old school”, not the coloring book crowd.