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My namesake says….

“A lie gets around the world before the truth gets its pants on.”


Hairball Award for the Week

Obama Collecting Personal Data for a Secret Race Database

Cats don’t have secret stuff, we know where our cat boxes are, who are enemies are, and who likes us. We don’t think we’re the antichrist in cat history, or that we can connive a frail cat by fear, or waste time trying to know all his secrets.

Course humans on the other hand, are morons when it comes to the nitty gritty of evolution. They think they can control it. Dumb humans…dumb, dumb, dumb.


Cat Flap Award for the Week

Obama Visits Prison to Call for a Fairer Justice System

San Francisco Sheriff Defends Release of Immigrant Alledged Killer

Considering the scaredy cat reaction to the underlying event that killed a sweet girl human in San Francisco…these two humans should just blow each other.

In the cat world, that would be the worst of the worst punishment.


Cat Litter Award for the Week

Kerry Defends Giving Iran 24 day Head’s Up before Nuclear Inspection

Cat thinks this is a misprint…supposed to say…’before Nuclear Engaging, Targeting, and Firing?’

Cat right, human Heinz cat wrong.


Tail to the Screen Award for the Week

Having a Whale of a Time in a Heatwave: Beluga Lives Up to its Star Billing at Tokyo Water Park by Cooling Down the Crowd with a Squirt as Japan Bakes in 34C Heat.

Cat loves big white Beluga, makes all the little stuff in a cat’s world seem insignificant, for example:

Kendall Jenner ‘I Got a New Accessory’ … A Nipple Ring


Hide in the Bushes til the Noise Stops Award for the Week

Obama Admin Looks to Ban Some Social Security Recipients from Owning Guns

Cat has constitution. Antichrist does not.

Cat can read, understand, lead, and officate the rest of the cats because of it. Antichrist can’t remember where he was born.

Trump-eting Their Bias Huff Decides it Won’t Cover Trump as Politics

Donald Trump Huffington Post Refuses to Acknowledge Candidacy

Cat thinks Huff has got too much sterioids in their Starbucks ¬†drinks. Cat goes on tycoon’s announcement, and doesn’t think he’s making it up, while, Cat thinks Huff is just trying to sell litter box lining.

Cat declares Huff people can’t get their human heads through the door, or have let the door hit them too many times in the noggin, making them stuttering nani nani cats.

Cat thinks a good hump for the Huff people will shut them up.


Cat Realm Award for the Week

Television: Brink

Cat cracks up, wags his tail, and knows that government humans are just that funny.

Strong Meows, and other paw behavior, here from Cat and his friends.


More next week from yours truly,

Winston Churchill the Cat…a Formidable, and Sturdy Cat…

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