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My namesake says….

“Never, never, never give up.”


Hairball Award for the Week

EXCLUSIVE – Glenn Beck Launches Outspoken Attack on Caitlyn Jenner: Controversial Radio Host Tells the World ‘Don’t Tell me to Start Calling Him a Woman’

Kendall and Caitlyn Jenner THIS IS HOW WE ROLL Sushi Date in Bev Hills

In a cats world, we know the difference…if its still attached, you are a boy Bruce cat.


Cat Flap Award for the Week

Ariana Grande

Bails on MLB Concert
‘I Hate America’ Backlash to Blame?

Cats have respect for their territory, and in that respect they know where they’re bread is buttered from.


Cat Litter Award for the Week

Top Drug Lord Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman known as Mexico’s Osama Bin Laden Escapes from Prison for the SECOND Time after Breaking Out through Secret Mile-Long Tunnel System.


When the former Karam announces that Chapo’s imprisonment in the US will save Mexico money….it just goes to show thats the reason that cats don’t acknowledge tom foolery…again, humans and the price of greed. Not a cat thing at all.


Tail to the Screen Award for the Week

Smug San Francisco Sheriff Blames Everyone Except Himself For Kate Steinle Murder…

In the cat world, we know when we’ve been beat…we slink away and lick our paws in defeat. Humans have ego that screws with that process.


Hide in the Bushes til the Noise Stops Award for the Week

Obama is Facing the Prison Facts

De Blasio is Missing in Action as City goes Downhill

One communicates with his water level friends, and the other is a scaredy cat.

Trump Wants to Charge Mexico $100K for Every illegal immigrant

Cats like treats, and if money buys treats, and getting something back from treats, well its a good thing in the cat world. We never turn down money related treats. Tycoon rocks here.


Cat Realm Award for the Week

Box Office: ‘Minions’ Boasts Record $115.2M Debut for $395.7M Global Total

Just goes to show that the smallest cutest fellas who are in the moment can make the humans boo coo … in the cat world…its okay to be a kitten every once a awhile.


More next week from yours truly,

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